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Selected Research, Publications and Presentations

Arnold, R. & Harris (Lovelady) T. (2011). An examination of factors influencing school dropout and re-entry. Monograph of NAAAS 2011.


Arnold Branson, R., Stamps, S., Irvin, A. & Harris (Lovelady), T. (2013). Embracing culture and children with disabilities. Presented at International Peace Conference Symposium, Jackson, MS.


Arnold Branson, R. & Harris (Lovelady), T. (2012). It takes a village: The collaboration between home, school and community for successful learning, Baby Steps Parenting Workshop, Okolona, MS


Arnold, R., McMurtery, R., & Harris (Lovelady) T. (2010). Mental health collaborations in dropout prevention. Paper presented at Jackson State University’s University Scholar Symposium, Jackson, MS.


Arnold, R., & Harris (Lovelady), T. (2010). School counselor trainee’s perceptions of future roles in special education. Paper presented at NAAAS & Affiliated National Conference, Baton Rouge, LA.


Arnold, R., & Harris (Lovelady), T. (2010). The school counselor’s role in special education. Paper presented at MCA Annual Conference.

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