Tiffany Lovelady - Therapist & Counselor

Tiffany T. Lovelady


Dr. Tiffany T.  Lovelady (she/her), a Jackson, MS-based LPC, NCC and NCSC clinician, discovered her gift of counsel as a high school student. Genuinely interested in the well-being of others, she often found herself as the sounding board amongst her peers.  While most might shy away from the pressures of such responsibilities, Tiffany embraced it!  Upon graduation from high school, her longing to be of service to others led her to pursue a BA in Psychology followed by an MS in Counselor Education at Mississippi State University.


In August 1999, Dr. Lovelady began her career as a professional school counselor.  For over a decade, she dedicated herself wholeheartedly to enriching the lives of students within the Jackson, Madison and Hinds school districts.  As she grew within her profession, her desire to expand her expertise led to a position as the Assistant Vice President of Lovelady Enterprises, Inc.  There, she spent several years providing counseling services of varying degrees for a vast population of the community, assessed clients to determine appropriate mental health needs and consulted with mental health and medical professionals to determine the best course of treatment.  

God created me to be a counselor and a mom. I truly believe those are my gifts and true talents.

Despite the numerous achievements throughout her career, she continues to pursue excellence within her field.  In December 2016, she added a Doctorate of Professional Counseling from Mississippi College to an already impressive list of credentials. She is also an active member of the American Counseling Association, the Mississippi Counseling Association, and the Mississippi Licensed Professional Counselors Association. A year after completing her Doctorate, Dr. Lovelady took the ultimate leap of faith and started her own practice and is licenced in Mississippi, Florida, and Connecticut.  


Established in January 2017, Lovelady Counseling Services, PLLC is the culmination of hard work and dedication to craft.  More importantly, Dr. Lovelady knows unequivocally,  it’s by God’s design she is continuing to walk in her gift.  As a working mom, who’s dealt with divorce, grief from the loss of a sibling and life-threatening circumstances, she is uniquely qualified to tackle a multitude of issues that are often addressed in counseling.


Lovelady Counseling Services, PLLC provides counseling tailored to the needs of each client. While servicing the needs of the entire community, Dr. Lovelady has passionate commitment to serving adults, she’s proud to create a safe, inclusive space for individuals of all gender identities and orientations. Dr. Lovelady’s practice is LGBTQIA+ friendly, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their identity, can find the support and care they deserve. Welcome to a place where you are celebrated for who you are, and where your journey is met with empathy and understanding.

American Counseling Association
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